After the triumph in Monaco, the project of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Catherine Cultural Foundation, Vision of Dance, dedicated to the centenary of the Russian Seasons, will be shown in expanded format in Moscow. In Monaco, the exhibition struck the public’s imagination no less than the first performance of the Diaghilev troupe at the Chatelet Theater in 1909. The Tretyakov Gallery, together with the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation and the New National Museum of Monaco, managed the impossible: to collect in Moscow more than 500 exhibits from museums and private collections – many never plucked their vaults. Among them are the fragile constructivist costumes of Larionov for the ballet “Jester” and the sketches of Larionov and Goncharova for the failed project “Liturgy”.

A ten-meter Picasso curtain, presented for exhibition by the London Museum of Victoria and Albert, will be brought from Monaco. The curtain based on Picasso’s sketches was executed by Alexander Shervashidze’s schedule with such precision that a satisfied artist even wrote a dedication on the canvas: “Dedie a Diaghilew. Picasso. ” The innovative experience of Diaghilev’s collaboration with modernists is represented by a series of paintings by Bakst, De Chirico, Golovin, Cocteau. The unique artifacts of the Diaghilev era are the ballet machine, which was rehearsed by Kshesinskaya, Fokin and Pavlova, pointe shoes and costumes from private collections, hand-painted by Henri Matisse milking Stravinsky’s ballet Nightingale. By the number of rarities and forces invested in organizing the exhibition, the exposition claims to be the main cultural event of the year in the capital.