YURI AVVAKUMOV. “BLACK MAUSOLEUM”, 2008 The grand tombs of the kings and, as an exception, the leader of the revolution, Vladimir Lenin, got their name from the tomb of the Persian king Mausoleum, built in the 4th century BC. Mausoleums are very different. The Indian Taj Mahal is like a palace, the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian in Rome […]


The theme of the festival of landscape objects “ArchStoyanie” was the forest liturgy “Nine Muses of the Labyrinth”. Festival curator Oleg Kulik explained why we need an internal landscape. “Land art”, unfortunately, is not translated into Russian. This is not earthy art, this art is far from the center of civilization. In Russia, there was no land art, […]


The artists of this region mainly ask local expats: more than half of the buyers of the current fair are Europeans and Americans. But sheikhs are also buying. Still would! The patron of Art Dubai is the most important sheikh – the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. When he walks around […]


“When a person comes to one work, he looks in a completely different way. The process of penetration begins, which does not always happen in a regular exhibition, when the viewer just glances at the exhibits. Here we make him think. This is a test of their capabilities – emotional, aesthetic. We must learn to open layers, which are […]


“Any city, from the point of view of the artist, is itself an art object. The most interesting and exciting in this sense is the center of New York. It looks like the interior of a giant kunstkamera or a cluttered warehouse of furniture, where various objects are crowded, from pseudo-antique statues to futuristic structures (this is […]


Once upon a time, a couple of days were enough to inspect the Venice Biennale. Now for immersion in the art world you need to have a map and a week of free time. On the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where the Giardini Gardens are located, there is very little space and a lot of […]


There is a flirtatious theory that men more often see black and white dreams, while women, being by nature more emotional, are colored. Soon we will see the exhibition of the guru of black-and-white photography by Peter Liidberg and the exposition of another classic monochrom – Henri Cartier-Bresson, who believed that, “unlike black-and-white photography, which […]


One of the most scandalous events of the 51st Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2005 was the screening of the trailer for the remake of the film Caligula Tinto Brass, which was shot by Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli. Art critics were shocked not by sadomasochistic and pornographic scenes (they had never seen such a thing […]


At the first festival of young art “Stop! Who goes?” in 2002, young artists had to look. According to one of the festival’s curators, Daria Pyrkina, then it was believed that the new art generation had not yet grown. At the first youth biennale “Stop! Who is going? ”, Which the festival turned into in 2008, the participants were already […]


The prestigious fair of contemporary art is 40 years old. The anniversary was marked modestly. After the triumphant secular Venice, Swiss Basel was a quiet home holiday. For their own. Only the most persistent art lovers flew from Venice to Basel. Therefore, the anniversary Art Basel was less stellar than usual, although it could not have done without celebrities: […]