PAVEL PEPPERSTEIN. FLAG, 2004 The first flags were used in ancient India and China. In Europe, the flag became a mandatory attribute of armies in the Middle Ages, and later moved to the fleet. Gradually, the flag becomes a symbol of states. The American flag is probably the most volatile in the world: for J 50+, the number of […]


VLADIMIR KOZIN. TRUTH, 2008 The order is a sign of belonging to the number of people especially marked by the state. The orders first appeared in the Middle Ages, and some of them survived to the present day. One of the most famous “old-timers” is the British Order of the Garter, created by King Edward III already in […]


Harlequin, the world’s most famous “female” publishing house, has signed a contract with Centerpolygraph and is now publishing books in Russia. Vice President of the publishing house Catherine Orr talks about the love of female novels. “Love is an international language, and our novels are able to enrich personal experience and satisfy readers’ fantasies without harming […]


The book “This High Fashion”, written by the legendary French journalist Jeanie Samet, is published by the ABC Publishing House. “Once I was present at a very funny scene with Dior: a young Russian couple chose a wedding dress. Katrim Riviere, who runs haute couture sales, showed them, among other things, a stunning fiery red evening […]


The author of two sensational novels about golden youth, 19-year-old Lolita Pius, does not tire of praising Frederick Begbeder. “I always clearly understood what I love and what I hate, even when I neglected what I love and concluded a truce with what I hate. They say one step from love to hate. I hate proverbs – […]


Alessandro Barikko, whose world best-selling Silk is once again published by the ABC Publishing House. “When you start writing, all you need is a good plot, an idea of ​​what the narrator’s voice will be, and a huge dose of determination. You may also need cigarettes – in large quantities. In the very first lines, the reader […]


“Large skirts with hoops, a tight corrugated collar or a blouse with a hundred buttons … Any fashion, if it is uncomfortable, today seems strange, because people appreciate comfort and lightness in clothes. Corset is perhaps the most controversial ladies’ toilette in the history of fashion. And despite this, the corset has not disappeared, it is still […]


At his Cemetery Story, released in ACT this spring, Neil Gaiman, a former comic book author, painted a tombstone with the name of his fan. The Bram Stoker Prize Laureate talks about fears – in books and life. “Fantasy is worse than fairy tales. In fairy tales, everything is sketchy. We don’t know what kind of person Cinderella […]