The theme of the festival of landscape objects “ArchStoyanie” was the forest liturgy “Nine Muses of the Labyrinth”. Festival curator Oleg Kulik explained why we need an internal landscape.

“Land art”, unfortunately, is not translated into Russian. This is not earthy art, this art is far from the center of civilization. In Russia, there was no land art, in general, but I’m sure that for our compatriots this kind of activity is natural, since we live in a country with the most land in the world. We have learned to make art in the closed spaces of exhibition halls. Now you need to go to the limitless expanses of our homeland. And we offer the largest work of Russian art on an area of ​​450 hectares. This is not a festival of chic works. All ArchStoyanie objects are made from natural materials, usually local. And they remain there forever, gradually turning into ruins: having left the earth, they return to it.

The trenches of the times of World War II Osmolovsky, the suspended gangs of Gutov or the ziggurat Orlov – these are things that the viewer will not immediately see. You suddenly come across some kind of story that needs to be understood and appreciated. Further, behind the trees, a new state will open … Those 10 thousand people who come to us, not just relax in nature, walk along the grooves, trenches, suspended bridges, but also plunge into the artists’ ideas about the world. And then, far from the cities, a mosaic of their own worldview will be formed from pieces of these perceptions. Maybe, after returning in two days, these people will pour completely different emotions and energies into their cities that will transform RUSSIA. ”