Exposition: Humor for shoppers

Inside Moschino is an exhibition that demonstrates to us how masterpieces are created, which we then hunt for. Most of the exhibits are the property of the Moschino fashion house and are specially brought from Italy. The exhibition consists of a number of stands displaying a particular stage of work on the collection – from sketches to shop windows of boutiques around the world or the small legendary Italian truck Are Piaggio, where finished products are transported to the shops. “Moschino is a creative reality that emphasizes irony and elegance as a way of interpreting classics,” explains at the height of Milan Fashion Week the main creative message of the House, its chief designer Rossella Jardini, who replaced her friend and old partner 16 years ago Franco Moskino, who founded the brand in 1983.

With humor, they were always good. Slogans once invented by Franco himself have already become classics – “fashion-fashoff” and “ready to where?”. Signora Jardini continued the tradition: “A sense of humor in fashion is the ability to laugh at oneself, the ability not to take everything too seriously. This is especially important at the stage of creating sketches of the collection – you need more lightness and humor. ” There will be a lot of humor at the exhibition. So, for example, on the catwalk, according to the exhibition version of Moschino. there will be a long table with rows of chairs on the sides, but instead of models and guests – tiny toy mice. Another exhibition booth – “Shopaholic” – is a mannequin with a bunch of branded paper bags instead of a head. All these are real shop windows of brand boutiques. It is in their design that the gracefully ironic style of the House is best seen. Moschino boutiques are always more than just mannequins,

This is an art installation, bewitching, intriguing and perky. “For us, shop windows are a communication tool, we try to make it effective. Showcases must convey the true spirit of what they show. This makes our display cases memorable to everyone who looked at them at least briefly. ” Window design, which changes on average every two months and is created separately for Moschino boutiques in Milan, Paris, London and New York, has been engaged in the direct creative director of the brand, Ioann Ten and Rossella Jardini, for 16 years. In addition to shop windows, we will see in Moscow ironing boards with Moschino irons and fabrics, hangers and mannequins, on which are hung products from the spring-summer 2010 collection, reflecting the history of the brand.