“Large skirts with hoops, a tight corrugated collar or a blouse with a hundred buttons … Any fashion, if it is uncomfortable, today seems strange, because people appreciate comfort and lightness in clothes. Corset is perhaps the most controversial ladies’ toilette in the history of fashion. And despite this, the corset has not disappeared, it is still in favor today. Firstly, it is impossible to imagine some dresses without a corset, for example, wedding dresses. Secondly, it is important for designers looking for inspiration in history, such as Christian Lacroix.

A corset is indispensable for those fashion designers who appreciate “fetishes” in fashion – this is a godsend for a designer like Vivienne Westwood. I have a specially designed corset for me from black leather in the style of the 80s. I feel comfortable in it, and it looks amazing. However, there is another extremely uncomfortable “thing” that no woman is able to refuse. These are high heels. Yes, some women hate them, but most of them are crazy. And by the way, when asked if it is painful to wear corsets, I usually answer: “No, everything is fine with the corset, but my shoes are killing me …” Things disappear from fashion if they stop being functional. But creating a beautiful and sexy look is also a function. And we are unlikely to be able to refuse it. ”