The book “This High Fashion”, written by the legendary French journalist Jeanie Samet, is published by the ABC Publishing House.

“Once I was present at a very funny scene with Dior: a young Russian couple chose a wedding dress. Katrim Riviere, who runs haute couture sales, showed them, among other things, a stunning fiery red evening gown. “If you could make it in white, adding embroidery, it would be great.” That Russian wedding was played in a Dior evening dress. Fashion houses never reveal their haute couture customer names. And if these ladies are Russian or American, then confidentiality is even stricter. All Russian haute couture clients are young. They are about 30, it is important for them to take place professionally, most often they have a rich business husband with whom they travel a lot.

Russians prefer dresses to suits, sometimes ordering three models at once, seen somewhere in the magazine, but made exclusively for them. They love the black, purple color of the sea wave, and for evening – flesh-colored silk. A client from Russia is very beautiful, with the gait of a top model. She is more elegant than French women who are too lazy to dress up and who go out of town in jeans, boots and a leather jacket. A Russian woman always comes in Louboutm heels, in a simple but sexy dress. She knows how to file herself and will never look like a dummy. And a valuable piece for French couturiers: the Russians never discuss the price. ”