“I don’t like the word muse.” It sounds pretty silly in Russian. I immediately recall caricatures or fat gypsum women with harps. In general, the muse is a myth. It arose because the artist cannot exist in the void, it is necessary to cling to something in the inner and outer cosmos, otherwise it is a fall into the madness that units can endure. Anything can inspire an artist. Man, beast, thing, book, music. The main thing is that in all this there should be harmony and sincerity. For me, the main source of inspiration is historical museums and collections, personal history and photos in my family album are important to me.

I would never have received this award, if not for my mother Nadezhda Antufieva and sister Nadia. They were the main sponsors of all my exhibitions, my main connoisseurs. In Tuva, having painted one of the rooms in white, I often arranged exhibitions especially for my mother. He did the work, hung them, baked homemade cookies for a buffet table, and my mother and I opened the exhibition. My sister helps me a lot in Moscow. When was the installation of the exhibition “Objects of protection” at the Winery. she and I completed the exposition at night. I constantly consult with her. And by the way, it was Nadia who bought me a jacket for the award ceremony so that I would look decent during the presentation. ”