The Japanese model and the Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki help figure out what a mysterious Japanese Kawaii fashion is.

“Kawaii fashion is a style of clothing that you yourself think is“ kawamina. ” There is no exact definition for this, ”the pretty Misako Aoki is categorical. “Kawaii”, translated as “cute”, “adorable”, is both the style of the Harajuku fashion district, the “school uniform” style (when girls put on short school skirts and sailor collar), and the “lolita” style that Misako Aoki represents . Lolita style is one of the most popular in Tokyo. He appeared thanks to the novel of Nabokov, but for a long time has nothing to do with him. “The key elements of the style are the“ kawakness ”of the design, the intricate lace, ruffles,” explains Misako Aoki. “Lolita” decorates clothes with embroidered roses, deers or cherries, ”adds Akira Imamura, Minister, Head of the Information Department of the Embassy of Japan in Russia.

In addition to the common image of “sweet lolita” there is “punk lolita” and “gothic lolita”, which prefers black. Misako Aoki claims that the Lolita style is popular in different countries: “I met girls who dress in the Lolita style in France, the USA and South Korea. And I was amazed how much they know. ”