Harlequin, the world’s most famous “female” publishing house, has signed a contract with Centerpolygraph and is now publishing books in Russia. Vice President of the publishing house Catherine Orr talks about the love of female novels.

“Love is an international language, and our novels are able to enrich personal experience and satisfy readers’ fantasies without harming language and culture. We have been working in the women’s literature market for many years, we study the preferences of readers, we monitor the change in language and try to make it modern in our novels. It may seem strange, but most of our authors today are … our former readers, who know better than others what interests the public. We try different formats: audio books, e-books, mobile books (books in special formats for mobile phones and other devices), graphic novels (varieties of comics).

The demanded literature for women can take various forms and ways of embodiment of the plot – this is one of the reasons why we have such a huge selection of books for every taste. There are series under the conditional names “Intrigue”, “Erotic”, “Paranormal.” Reading is, in general, inexpensive pleasure, it captures and relieves stress. With the modern crazy rhythm of life, little is so distracting and reassuring. ”