There is a flirtatious theory that men more often see black and white dreams, while women, being by nature more emotional, are colored.

Soon we will see the exhibition of the guru of black-and-white photography by Peter Liidberg and the exposition of another classic monochrom – Henri Cartier-Bresson, who believed that, “unlike black-and-white photography, which gives a large number of options, color photography offers few of them.” The Cartier-Bresson exhibition meets the first theme of the photo biennale – “Long live France!” And the exhibition of mysterious for us young French photographers from the Chateau D’O, who is admired by the most photographic social network of the Internet Flickr, will combine this theme of the Biennale with another – “Perspectives and Retrospectives”. One of the important retrospectives is the exhibition of Andrei Bezukladnikov in the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. “He shot everything! () years, in the mid-1980-1990s.

But he so gracefully grasped the time, captured the most important characters – poets, artists and musicians, showing on film a new type of perception of life, ”says Olga Sviblova, director of the Moscow House of Photography. Unlike Bezukladnikov, Alexander Borodulid does not part with the camera now. He is a world-famous photo star who shoots for leading fashion magazines. “When Sasha began to show his archive, which no one had ever seen completely, my surprise and admiration soared in a spiral.” And in March, following Sviblova, we will make a spiral path.