She is chic, purely British: she has a beautiful cottage in the vicinity of Highteit and a black retro sedan at the gate. Esther can be proud of her family. Great-grandfather – Sigmund Freud, in 1930 with his family moved from Austria to England, fleeing Nazism. Her father is Lucien Freud, the highest paid contemporary artist in the world (Lucien became “the most” after the recent purchase by Roman Abramovich of his “Sleeping Social Worker” for $ 33 million). However, Esther and her sister Bella (now the famous designer who dresses Madonna, Kate Moss and Marianne Faithfull) grew up far from their father: their eccentric mother fulfilled her dream and became a hippie. It was her image that Esther embodied in her first novel, Impossible Kyanki, according to which in 1998 a film was made with Kate Winslet in the title role. Once Esther also tried herself on stage, but she realized

Now Esther Freud is one of the recognized novelists of the British Kingdom (her friend, writer Jonathan Coe, once said that reading Esther’s novels is “vital”). In the new, third in a row, Esther Freud’s novel “Summer Nights in Tuscany” there is something from the Frenchwoman Colette and Sagan. The main character – 17-year-old Lara – is forced to spend the summer in Italy with her father, a famous historian and a big grin. So in a few weeks under the Tuscan sun passes the education of feelings. In some ways this is an autobiographical novel; Esther does not deny this. And she does not hide her current personal life, regularly flickering in a secular chronicle with actor David Morrissey, whom Miss Freud noticed in the film “Basic Instinct 2”.