The ancestor of Jan Fabre, a French entomologist, became famous for studying beetles alive, while the rest preferred to pin them on a pin. Fabre Jr. studies the “living man” with the same attention. And his body in the first place. “Owning an actor’s body is the most important thing for me. The Venice project is also exploring the possibilities of the body, from the feet to the brain. ” Fabre paints pictures in blood, delves into the human brain from plastic, and his performances balance on the verge between ballet, circus and … anatomical theater (for example, the protagonist of Universal copyright makes a trip to the anatomy museum). A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Fabre became interested in theater in the 70s, seeing the effect of the scandalous art performances of Marina Abramovich. He has a special theater: the speaking gestures of Mikhail Chekhov are closer to him than the whole system of Stanislavsky.

In the Orgy of Tolerance, they naturally depict “giving birth” in carts from the supermarket (one gave birth to ham, the other a toilet cleaner), seduce a Chesterfield sofa and compete in self-satisfaction under the supervision of an instructor (“Only three orgasms? Not enough, buddy!” “). They say that at the festival in Avignon they applauded while standing. “The idea was to show what people are capable of. To force them to go through the most serious insults and grievances. ” The recent Fabre exhibition in the Louvre, outraged by visitors who saw stuffed pigeons in the halls “craping” on the classics, was demanded to be closed. In 2005, in Avignon, Fabre poured “blood” on the Papal Palace in his play “I Am Blood”. In both cases, the French Ministry of Culture dealt with the artist. “My works are not provocative, they are multi-layered.” – claims Fabr.