“When a person comes to one work, he looks in a completely different way. The process of penetration begins, which does not always happen in a regular exhibition, when the viewer just glances at the exhibits. Here we make him think. This is a test of their capabilities – emotional, aesthetic. We must learn to open layers, which are many in any significant work. And it depends on the personal experience of the viewer, on what he saw before. A similar format of the exhibition is practiced in the world, but not as systematically as in our museum. We led through our halls a number of first-class works, starting with Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Michelangelo’s sculpture “Brutus”, there were Titian’s Man with Blue Eyes, Parmigianino’s Antey, and Raphael’s The Lady Under the Veil.

By the way, in 1974 we showed the Gioconda thanks to the Minister of Culture Ekaterina Furtseva. I asked her without much hope if she could help show Mona Lisa. “Certainly can. The French ambassador is in love with me. ” Within the framework of the Cherry Forest festival, we will show a sculptural composition of bronze “Night Watch 3D” by Alexander Taratynov and Mikhail Dronov based on the famous canvas by Rembrandt. When I saw her in the photo, I realized that it was very interesting. The original Rembrandt is a very informative work. Almost all the characters are known there. And also this is a little game – the translation of painting into sculpture. Interesting”.