“Any city, from the point of view of the artist, is itself an art object. The most interesting and exciting in this sense is the center of New York. It looks like the interior of a giant kunstkamera or a cluttered warehouse of furniture, where various objects are crowded, from pseudo-antique statues to futuristic structures (this is well shown in Jarmusch’s film “Ghost Dog”), and we feel very comfortable there – like in a giant cluttered apartment . Rome is interesting – this is the “cabinet of rarities” in its purest form! However, the smaller and more modest the city, the clearer its structure, which is always based on the same basic elements, be it Norwegian Kirkenes or Russian Gorokhovets.

In the project “City N” we showed a “gentleman’s set” of almost any city in old Europe: 17 objects depict well-known public buildings – the town hall, train station, church, bell tower, fountain, palace, post office, TV tower, lighthouse or prison. These intricate collages are assembled from real objects. And frank rubbish, like an old galvanized bucket or washstand, is here on an equal footing with “noble” brass and silver antique details. Their essence is already unimportant, and the true purpose of this or that subject is already unclear at times. But, joined together, they form a “portrait” of the city, albeit non-existent. “