As part of the Year of Russia in France, for the first time, Russian artists participate in the Parcours Saint-Germain project. The 10th International Festival of Contemporary Art will be held in Paris. This festival has appeared to reconcile the intellectual quarter of Saint-Germain with expensive boutiques and hotels that began to be introduced here 10 years ago. Since 2000, the windows and halls of newly-made luxury spaces for two summer weeks have been given to artists. This time, thanks to curator Oksana Bondarenko, a third of the 15 art projects are Russian. “These are artists of my generation, whom I have been following for a long time and who best represent contemporary Russian art,” explains Oksana, who has been organizing cultural exchange projects in Russia and France for more than 6 years. “Our” sites are located within a radius of 100 meters from Saint-Germain Square.

So, in the Dior boutique – Ani Acorn’s musical “salon”. “The two main subjects of my installation are the piano and the piano. There will also be other non-musical things, like an alarm clock or a bell, but which have their own music. ” All of them are created, as usual with Ani, from metal rods and especially for this space. At La Villa Hotel – works by Julia Zastava: a series of watercolors – “visualization of short melodic sketches” and two video projections – on a song by the Norwegian group ALOG and Cherries talk to the music of Julia herself. At the designer hotel Bel Ami – floral “photo symphony” by Irina Polin. And especially for the video “My Breath” by Victor Alimpiev, the Saint Symphorien chapel will be opened. This music of breaths, according to the author, will become “a sad serenade of a certain general human“ breathing ”.