Neither John Galliano, nor David Lynch, nor Marion Cotillard visited Shanghai until Lady Dior brought them there: it was in Shanghai in December that the third part of the mini-series about this legendary bag was filmed. The 12-minute film is based on Lynch’s poem It holds the love. However, in the end, Lynch got a story not about love, but about memory. “When you love and when you remember love, these are different stories.” The heroine Marion either recalls, or dreams in reality of a mystical love story that happened to her in Shanghai. All that remains of her is the beautiful blue rose she finds in The Lady Dior’s purse. Very poetic, mysterious, beautiful and in Lynch style – with close-ups, wide-open eyes, a “trembling” picture, unchanged red sofa and heavy red curtains.

Both the director and the actress were conquered by Shanghai. “It’s some kind of endless city,” Lynch was amazed. “You can ride on it for an hour and a half and never leave.” Marion was struck by the Shanghai Pearl Tower: “When you walk upstairs on the glass floor of the observation deck, you see the whole city under your feet. This is unbelievable! ” The tower, which soared above the city in 1995, became one of the “heroines” of Lynch’s mini-film, not only because it is a symbol of the new Shanghai, but also because, according to Galliano, it reminds one of the signature ornament “canoe” with which the Lady Dior bags are adorned. This accessory of luminous tubes almost 7 meters high – an art object of Chinese artist Lee Song – attracted attention at the opening of the updated Dior boutique in Shanghai Plaza 66 mall.

For the Shanghai dreamers series, presented by 35-year-old photographer Quentin Shi at the opening of the boutique, he was inspired by Chinese group photographs from the 1970s and 1980s. “I created a group of people typical of China, where the image of one person dressed in plastic, unremarkable clothes is repeated several times. So surrealistic I wanted to show the boring side of “old China”, with its monotonous fashion, especially noticeable against the background of female models in Dior. ” Girls in the haute couture acted in Paris, Chinese models in Beijing, everything came together in New York, and the premiere of “Dreamers” was held in Shanghai. In a city where today it is customary to make an appointment between the East and the West.