The author of two sensational novels about golden youth, 19-year-old Lolita Pius, does not tire of praising Frederick Begbeder.


“I always clearly understood what I love and what I hate, even when I neglected what I love and concluded a truce with what I hate. They say one step from love to hate. I hate proverbs – and especially this one. She was invented to convince fools. She appears in a dispute when the other arguments are exhausted. For example, you say you hate a person. And then some fool with anger answers you: “From love to hate, one step, af-af!” As a rule, he means that love that has turned into hatred is just uncomplicated love. In fact, you love, but since you did not get this love, it becomes anger and bitterness. The same thing with criticism – they say, this is a hidden envy. But all this is wrong! I am sure that sincere hatred, just hatred, like criticism, is needed, since this is a form of our confrontation.

Today there is a lot of false love. We bathe in sickening sweetness, love the way opponents of fur love animals – this is just the flip side of their hatred of people. I openly talk about my hatred. For example, I hate Miss France contestants: they all speak with one voice, the voice of customer service. I want to take them and shake them so that they speak with their own voices. ”